400 years of Shakespearean Songs- Concert in Commemoration of the 4th Centenary of the death of William Shakespeare 莎士比亞逝世四百周年紀念音樂會

門票現於城市售票網發售 Tickets NOW available at URBTIX *6歲以下小童恕不招待 Children under 6 not admitted *設有全日制學生、六十歲以上高齡人士、綜合社會保障援助受惠人士、殘疾人士及看護人半價優惠;集體購票優惠–每次購買正價門票10至18張:八折;19張至40張:七折 *50% discount for https://www.levitradosageus24.com/canadian-pharmacy-levitra/ full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, CSSA recipients, people with disabilities and works the minder. Group discount: 20% off for 10-18 standard tickets; 30% off for 19 or more   節目查詢 Programme Enquiries 6976 2877 票務查詢 Ticketing Enquiries
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Opera: Il Trovatore 歌劇: 遊唱詩人

11.12.2015 (Fri) 19:45 12.12.2015 (Sat) 14:45 12.12.2015 (Sat) 19:45 13.12.2015 (Sun) 14:45 Hong Kong City Hall, Concert Hall 香港大會堂音樂廳 $630, $460, $300, $150* *部份座位視線局部受阻 四幕歌劇 意大利文演唱,中英文字幕 An Opera in 4 Acts Performed in http://www.laviagraes.com/viagra-ecuador-compra Italian with Chinese and English Surtitles 歌劇前講座 Pre-opera Talk 12.12.2015 (Sat) 13:45 香港大會堂展覽廳 Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong City Hall 威爾第旋律的無限創意(粵語主講) Verdi’s Infinite Melodic Inventiveness (Conducted in Cantonese) 講者:盧景文 Speaker:
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Vision of Colour and Passion: Piano Recital to commemorate the Centenary of Alexander Scriabin’s death 炫音玄象

  4/10/2015 Sun 8PM 香港大會堂劇院 Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre    俄國作曲家亞歷山大.史克里亞賓認為音樂中的音符和調都有其屬於自己的顏色,利用聲音和影像描述不同的情感。他的音樂裡既有蕭邦濃厚抒情的詩意,更加入了俄國獨特的色彩,創作了神秘且朦朧的聲音。適逢今年是他逝世的100 週年,特邀本地多位鋼琴家,帶領觀眾看見/聽見他內心的音樂世界。 Alexander Scriabin was a Russian composer. Influenced by synesthesia, he believed that each music note/ cialis pas cher tonality has its own colour and described different emotions by http://www.laviagraes.com/arginina-la-viagra-natural using sound and vision. His early work was influenced by Frédéric Chopin which was
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The Spirit of Russia| Piano Recital By Colleen Lee 俄羅斯神采| 李嘉齡鋼琴獨奏會

本地著名鋼琴家李嘉齡將會帶給大家富有俄羅斯風格的樂曲,柴可夫斯基的四季、拉赫曼尼諾夫的音畫練習曲(選曲)和穆索斯基的圖畫展覽會,門票現正發售!! We proudly present a piano recital by Miss Colleen Lee with a set of Russian pieces, including The Seasons by Tchaikovsky, Etudes- Tableaux by Rachmaninoff and Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky. Tickets NOW available at Urbtix!! 門票現於城市售票網發售 Tickets NOW available at URBTIX *6歲以下小童恕不招待 Children under 6 not admitted *設有全日制學生、六十歲以上高齡人士、綜合社會保障援助受惠人士、殘疾人士及看護人半價優惠;集體購票優惠–每次購買正價門票10至18張:八折;19張至40張:七折 *50% discount for full-time students,
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Beethoven Lieder, A Voice from the Soul 貝多芬藝術歌曲演唱會-靈韻

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