Don Giovanni

An opera in 2 acts | Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Librettist: Lorenzo Da Ponte

2 September (Friday), 7:30PM

3 September (Saturday), 7:30PM

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Patrons can enjoy only one of the above discount schemes for each purchase. Please inform the box office staff at the time of purchase.

Runtime: 2 hrs 15 mins, including a 15-min interval.
Language: Italian | Surtitle: Chinese & English

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Act 1

At night, Leporello keeps watch for his master, Don Giovanni, who has sneaked in the Commendatore’s home in order to seduce his daughter, Donna Anna. The masked Giovanni dashes out, with Anna in pursuit. The Commendatore rushes to her defence and is killed in the duel. Giovanni and his servant escape. Anna and her fiancé, Don Ottavio swear revenge.

In early morning, master and servant encounter Donna Elvira, a woman Giovanni has deserted. Giovanni talks his way out of trouble and flees, leaving Leporello to clean up the mess. He shows Elvira the catalogue of Giovanni’s conquests and explains that she is not the only victim.

Villagers celebrate the wedding of Zerlina and Masetto. Giovanni flirts with the bride, the seduction is interrupted by Elvira, she urges Zerlina to leave with her. Anna arrives with Ottavio, not yet recognising Giovanni as the murderer of her father, she pleads for his help. Elvira interrupts again and warns Anna not to trust him. He insists that Elvira is mad, but the suspicion is planted. After he leaves, Anna suddenly recognises his voice as that of the murderer. Once again, she asks Ottavio to avenge her. Ottavio tries to restore her peace of mind. Giovanni has invited all villagers to his home for wine and dance, while he seeks for chances to seduce Zerlina.

Zerlina asks for Masetto’s forgiveness. Giovanni comes and leads them into his villa. The three masked guests, Anna, Elvira, and Ottavio arrive, Leporello invites them in. In the ballroom, Giovanni dances with Zerlina and tries to drag her into the other room. Her cries bring everyone to her assistance. The three guests unmask, and along with Zerlina and Masetto, accuse Giovanni. He tries to blame Leporello and manages to slip away.

Act 2

Giovanni exchanges clothes with Leporello. Elvira is lured away by Leporello to have a nighttime walk, and the real Giovanni is left to serenade the maid. Masetto and the villagers arrive in search of the fugitive. The supposed Leporello sends them off in various directions, disarms Masetto and beats him. Zerlina finds the bruised husband and consoles him. Disguised as Giovanni, Leporello is trying to lose Elvira but is caught by Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto. Believing they have caught Giovanni, they threaten to kill him. Fearing for his life, Leporello reveals his identity and seeing an opportunity, escapes. Ottavio proclaims that he will take revenge on the murderer. Elvira finds that in spite of her outrage, she still feels pity for Giovanni.

Giovanni and Leporello seek refuge in a cemetery. They meet the statue over the Commendatore’s grave, who warns Giovanni that by morning he will never laugh again. Giovanni forces the terrified Leporello to invite the statue to dinner, and it accepts.

Ottavio asks Anna to marry him, but she is reluctant to wed too soon after her father’s death.

Elvira arrives and urges Giovanni to mend his ways, but he taunts her. The Commendatore’s statue comes to attend the dinner and asks Giovanni to repent his sins. But he defiantly refuses and is thus dragged by the statue to be consumed by the flames of hell. The others come contemplating their futures and agree the evildoers must meet the terrible end they deserve.



Don Giovanni

Pan Lo (2/9, Friday)
Frankie Fung (3/9, Saturday)


Lam Kwok Ho

Donna Anna

Valentina Tao

Don Ottavio

Dennis Lau

Donna Elvira

Jessica Ng


Vicki Wu


Samuel Wong

Il Commendatore

Michael Lam

Creative Team

Creative Team


Jeff Leung

Chorus Master

Dennis Lau


Ingrid Chan *
Alexander Wong

* The Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Producer / Director

Lo Kingman

Executive Producer

Leung Siu Kwan Cindy

Set Designer

Isaac Wong

Costume Designer

Andrew Cheung

Lighting Designer

Zoe Cheung